The JUMP team facilitates NEETs people of Girifalco town – focus on social entrepreneurship in the South of Italy

A common Thursday, in the middle of the week, is when you find NEETs wondering in the land searching for a next step to do to fight unemployment. The JUMP team, composed by Pietro Curatola, Erika Gerardini and the professional photographer Oreste Montebello went to a small village in the province of Catanzaro, Girifalco, to see how youth spend their time trying to understand which way give to their life. With the aim of making a photo and video reportage, the new SO-VET group involved a group of youth who lives there and don’t want to go abroad in the realization of the interviews/questionnaire part of the ongoing activity of the Erasmus Plus project: make a Need Analysis report of the state of the art of the NEETs situation and their approach to the topic of “Social entrepreneurship”. It’s not just the crisis who is affecting Europe and the South of Italy, it’s not just the low level training received, disconnected to reality, it’s also a deep sense of disorientation and lack of hope in institutions at all level that characterize youths today. Here below some pictures and coming soon the video!

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