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As promised the video created in Girifalco with NEETs searching for a solution to fight the deep unemployment of Calabria region

The video is ready since Janaury but we needed to present it first ot our partners of SO-VET project during the 1st transational project meeting in Skopje (31/01 – 01/02 2017) and then share it with the protagonists. We wanted to be positive and use the opportunity of the interviews created on bahalf of the […]

Social Enterprise: the Rise of the Phoenix

Despite recent events, the UK has been applauded for its economic recovery after the financial crisis. However, with 568,000 young people unemployed, the threat of becoming the first ‘lost generation’ in Europe is becoming more likely in the UK. Current youth unemployment is at 12.6% (December 2016), which is still some way off the 11.6% […]

The JUMP team facilitates NEETs people of Girifalco town – focus on social entrepreneurship in the South of Italy

A common Thursday, in the middle of the week, is when you find NEETs wondering in the land searching for a next step to do to fight unemployment. The JUMP team, composed by Pietro Curatola, Erika Gerardini and the professional photographer Oreste Montebello went to a small village in the province of Catanzaro, Girifalco, to […]