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Multiplier event in Soverato, super power Erasmus Plus in Calabria region with JUMP

On 25 September 2017 Erasmus Plus Power was double in Soverato, a little city on the beach in Calabria region, the deep deep South of Italy. It was the occasion for the local community to experience the first multiplier event on a topic which is theoretically very interesting but practically, it’s new and challenging for all, especially in Italy. (more…)

Social Enterprise: the Rise of the Phoenix

Despite recent events, the UK has been applauded for its economic recovery after the financial crisis. However, with 568,000 young people unemployed, the threat of becoming the first ‘lost generation’ in Europe is becoming more likely in the UK. Current youth unemployment is at 12.6% (December 2016), which is still some way off the 11.6% […]