Nowadays, it seems that social entrepreneurship is the new business model. Globalization, demographic change, technological advances and the financial crisis have created major challenges for today’s societies, making it difficult enough for young people, especially for NEETs to find a job. As a result, it can be said that is important for more and more people to come up with more great ideas, giving solutions to a variety of problems and issues and more specifically, it is necessary people provide social solutions. Today’s young people are concerned with making a positive impact on the world as they are with making money. However, the question is

How can I start a social enterprise?”

The steps that have to be taken from young people are specific. Firstly, it is significant for social entrepreneurs to create a business plan which will be adapted on the needs of a social enterprise. The planning and implementation of a business plan, plays a vital role in order to provide special guidelines, making clear the goals of the social enterprise and define its actions. In addition, a social entrepreneur should consider issues such as the marketing strategy, fundraising and all the other business finance that have to be taken into account.

Partners from FYROM, Greece Turkey, Italy, Sweden and UK attended the 2nd meeting for the project “So-VET – Social entrepreneurship as an alternative for young unemployed” held in Thessaloniki on 25 and 26 of May, where they had the opportunity to discuss and develop the modules for curriculum for young social entrepreneurs based on ECVET principles. The specific project comes to address NEETs and youth unemployment through the development of social entrepreneurship, making it an alternative for unemployed youth. The main objective of the project is to provide more effective and efficient courses on the subject and to increase the participation and activation of youth in terms of social entrepreneurship.

2nd Transnational Meeting (Thessaloniki)