Social Entrepreneurship Seminar in United Kingdom

On 28th September, 34 entrepreneurship coaches gathered to learn about SoVET in Birmingham, UK. The aim of the event was to get them more involved in developing social enterprise with their learners, especially through the SoVET project.

These coaches were no ordinary enterprise coaches. They are part of the KEFW Leadership. It is a social enterprise run by students for students in Birmingham. It coaches 125 children every week in leadership and entrepreneurial skills, in order to develop more employable and confident students. Students come from a variety of backgrounds, generally from Bartley Green (Birmingham). This is a remote and, as a result, deprived neighbourhood of Birmingham. The SoVET multiplier was run here, because these students can implement the SoVET curriculum into their leadership programme.

In order to grasp how they can conduct workshops about social enterprise, we used a teamwork tool called Appreciative Inquiry. AI brings a brings participants from Participants are from a variety of backgrounds. They worked together to create a solution to make companies more socially aware. There are two parts of Appreciative Inquiry:

  1. Appreciation: Focus on your strengths, your team’s strengths and strengths of those outside your team.
  2. Inquiry: Asking yourself and your team what strengths you each have, as well as how we you can solve a particular problem.

The event allowed students to engage during the whole event. This has enabled them to take their leadership skills and implement it with the SoVET curriculum. It also introduced each class to a new way of working in a team/ new team mindset of “appreciative inquiry” which gave them a different approach to each task than they might have had before. It served as a very useful introduction as to what SoVET is and how they can implement their lesson plans in the future.