Results of the survey in Social Economy and Entrepreneurship in Greece

Institute of Entrepreneurship Development within the framework of the ERASMUS+ project ‘’So-VET – Social entrepreneurship as an alternative for young unemployed’’ implemented a large-scale survey in Social Economy and Entrepreneurship in Greece.

The main goal of this survey is to record the training needs of the project’s target group (unemployed youth with no access in education and training) so that they can start and manage their own social enterprise. The results of the survey, combined with the results from the other participating countries (FYROM, Turkey, UK, Italy and Sweden) will be the base for the development of an innovative and specialized training material on social economy and entrepreneurship.

Complementary to the results from the survey, also there is available an extensive desk research regarding the status quo of social economy and entrepreneurship in Greece, the legal framework defining all aspects of the sector as well as the problems and the challenges the entrepreneurs engaged in the sector face.

You may find the report in Greek here.