As promised the video created in Girifalco with NEETs searching for a solution to fight the deep unemployment of Calabria region

The video is ready since Janaury but we needed to present it first ot our partners of SO-VET project during the 1st transational project meeting in Skopje (31/01 – 01/02 2017) and then share it with the protagonists. We wanted to be positive and use the opportunity of the interviews created on bahalf of the project to understand better their opinions, create a good atmosphere of cooperation and make them feeling included in the process and happy that an international consortium of partners from different countries are taking care of the delicate topic of unemployment and NEETs rates in Europe. Ok then, without other words, enjoy the watching of this amazing video! and continue to follow SO-VET project development. 2017 started and we don’t stop working with NEETs at local level, widening the audience and the participation of youth.

The process towards the new curriculum of the social entrepreneur started! Stay tuned!