Migrants business, lost potential for social enterprises

It’s a “hot topic” but it’s necessary to reflect on what is happening, especially in Italy and in all Europe with the so-called migrants welcoming. A worldwide issue under the eyes of everyone, an economy guided by a blinded politics which, instead of addressing affords to the weakest side of the society is totally focused on global markets and financial power.

Where are humanity and dignity in all this?

What could be the role of social entrepreneurship?

A lot. It could have done the difference. The incredible legislative gap around this topic (in Italy yes it exists now but taxes are the same high as a normal company) created a deadlock. They didn’t permit too many subjects, among them, young people and NEETs to cooperate and contribute to solving a real socio-economic problem which nowadays became a sad “black hidden business”. The potential to be a great human and virtuos “European project” disappeared. Migrants are saved from the sea, they receive the first assistance, then a second and then? A big hole. Not simply a gap. Where do they go, what do they do? They remain months and years in structures, blocked by an ethernal bureaucracy. Not all examples are bad ok, we, as Italians, are the ones who don’t deny to a migrant to enter, we have best practices and European models. But in this moment, we are lost. What could have been an act of “welcoming human capital” became a “welcoming an uncontrollable number of people”. Numbers. Social entrepreneurship, created and sustained by young people, could have been the solution in our opinion. Youth with their innovative new competencies, fresh language skills, ability in use technologies, open minded, travels done and human eyes. Maybe not big companies, small and smart. In Italy, the “migrants issue” is in the hand of a big consortium of classical cooperatives where you lose yourself. They manage the tasks and the huge amount of money as they would deal with common services: elderly people food, leisure time education, cleaning etc..Our words seem to be nonsense today, after such a long time watching media with horrifying images of people dying in our sea. The “migrants phenomena” is absolutely one of the darkest chapters of our human history but it doesn’t have anything of “human”. It could have been the potential for social entrepreneurship to develop and find a solution, not taking the advance on tragedies but being the occasion for youth to bring innovation and make something concrete, substituting those “bigs” who are completely failing.