Developing Young Entrepreneurs in Cardiff University

On the 5th April 2017, Bridging to the Future ran a workshop at the University of Cardiff, aimed at developing young entrepreneurs and identifying the social problems their enterprises could solve.
During the event, attendees discussed the importance of entrepreneurial skills such as:

  • Relationship Building
  • Identifying opportunities
  • The FIRST model (Flexibility, Initiative, Reasoning, Speech, Team work)

The session was interactive, allowing all participants to put these skills into practice. For example, we played the ‘Spoon Game’ where teams are asked to make a pitch to an event organizer looking for 3000 spoons. This game is purposefully silly to improve participant’s public speaking and creativity. Moreover, it is designed to encourage participants become adaptable to the buyer’s needs. All these developed the qualities, experiences, attitudes and skills for these young entrepreneurs.
The workshop finished with an activity based on Appreciative Inquiry, to examine how the attendees could influence the future of Cardiff, and design a better one. The activity was in 4 parts.

  1. First, attendees were asked to reflect on their own strengths and discuss a time they took on a position of leadership and what the results of that were.
  2. Secondly, we focused on Cardiff and its unique strengths given its location, size, population and the organisations based there.
  3. The group then looked ahead 2-3 years at their dream for the future of Cardiff. They were presented with statements and questions such as:
    • I will be most proud of Cardiff in 2020 when…
    • What will people around the world say about Cardiff?
    • What are some of the challenges Cardiff faces in getting here?
  4. Finally, they were tasked with designing the path to this future, using their own strengths and the strengths of Cardiff at present.

We had some great ideas come from this session, and we’ll be collating all of them and creating a document we will push forward to the University, local government, local businesses and other organisations in and around Cardiff.